1. Selina was keeping sex with three men in specific time begot Helena. What if Bruce was the real father? … It’s traumatic to think that BOTH gave their daughter up for adoption.

    Just Saying… 

  2. Superman's orgasm killed that space chick. His ecstasy was her undoing.

    I know… A friend thinks that girl represents humanity. It is crazy, then it means that Superman killed humanity having sex with her (?)

  3. May I ask where the black and white batman strip came from where Selina asks for ice cream?

    Batman Black & White #6 At the end of the comic.

  4. thehappysorceress:

    Justice League by Edward Whatley

  5. "You can be whoever you want to be beneath that mask. That’s why we stay hidden, isn’t it? So we’re safe and armored. So we’re accountable to no one. So we can do… anything. we. want. Isn’t that what we’re about, you and me? Above all else…? Not being known?" -Selina Kyle ~

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  7. keaneoncomics:

    Diana, Babs & Kara by Rude.

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  8. cornflakepizza:

    justice league: the new frontier


    Justice League/
    Justice League Unlimited

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